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ALBERGO AL SOLE (the ancient name of the area) is born by the will of Silvano Corà and his family. Lovers of the traditions of Malo, they have been able to see all the potentialities theier dilapidated building carried within itself. They restored it carefully and meticulously, saving and highlighting everything that brought back the memory of its former functions.

Thanks to extensive research, the furniture, where possible, are restored pieces of the old silk mills (now all closed), of old taverns in the village, while some original floors were left and you can admire the ancient stones and the original bricks. In the rooms on the second floor and in the gallery, the beams are those of yesteryear.

The atmosphere of warmth and tradition exuding from the walls of the “albergo”, combined with the hospitality and the kindness of the family, makes the ALBERGO AL SOLE and its sixteen rooms, all furnished with taste, simplicity and functionality, a delightful place where to stay after a day of work or for a weekend to relax or for culture.

Hotel Albergo al Sole
Via San Giovanni, 47 | 36034 Malo |VI | Tel. +39 0445 60 74 29 | Fax +39 0445 192 20 46

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